AUTOGRAPHED | POGT | Bible Study & Devotional

AUTOGRAPHED | POGT | Bible Study & Devotional

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"In Jesus name we play: On His team we play!"


No more "game day only" Christian athletes.

The kind that pray for God's favor in the game of sport, but forget about honoring God in the game of LIFE! At one point in my own life as a Christian athlete, this was me. In this book, I'll share with you how it all changed for me--a spiritual lesson of a lifetime--and a night that I will never forget! I was greatly challenged in my faith, and came out of it MUCH STRONGER. This book will pose the same challenge to you. How will YOU respond?

Maybe you always give great effort in your sport and as a result, your coach sees you as a great player on the team. That's good! But when it comes to TEAM JESUS-the team that matters most- how great of a player would Jesus say YOU Are?  This book will equip you to make sure that the answer is in your favor!

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