Playing On God’s Team

21 Week Bible Study & Devotional


"In Jesus name we play: On His team we play!"

- T.C.Stallings

No more "game day only" Christian athletes.

The kind that pray for God's favor in the game of sport, but forget about honoring God in the game of LIFE! At one point in my own life as a Christian athlete, this was me. In this book, I'll share with you how it all changed for me--a spiritual lesson of a lifetime--and a night that I will never forget! I was greatly challenged in my faith, and came out of it MUCH STRONGER. This book will pose the same challenge to you. How will YOU respond?

Maybe you always give great effort in your sport, and, as a result, your coach sees you as a great player on the team. That's good! But when it comes to TEAM JESUS-the team that matters most- how great of a player would Jesus say YOU Are?  This book will equip you to make sure that the answer is in your favor!


  • $1 from every book sold is donated to the Camp Attitude Foundation for special needs kids.



“Playing On God’s Team” was based of the events discussed in TC’s new documentary “24 Counter”.

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The Pursuit



"The Pursuit is a true story of faith that inspires, and a devotional that biblically equips you to act on that inspiration."

-Alex Kendrick, filmmaker

God has a SPECIFIC plan for you... And you CAN know exactly what it is!

In 2008, I was a pro-football player, business owner, husband, and father of two. Life was good, simple, and secure...until a night at the movies with my wife changed EVERYTHING. What followed were a few things: A specific prayer, a specific answer by God, then a specific calling: GO TO HOLLYWOOD. What followed were a very challenging few years, with failure often seeming imminent. Yet, in the midst of one of the worst days of this new journey, I was surprisingly rewarded with the starring role in the film "War Room"... And that film went on to become the #1 movie in America! While this achievement was truly amazing, the best thing about my journey was the life-changing lessons God taught me along the way. In this book I will share them all with you, along with ALL the details of my amazing ride to the top of the box office (WITHOUT ever having to compromise my faith!)

What you are about to read will definitely impact the way you live your life AND how you shape your goals. This isn't a prosperity book, or a "How to get what you want from God" novel. In fact, it's the opposite. It's a challenge to trade in your plans for God's will--and a promise that you will NOT regret doing so. My hope is that after reading this book you will be inspired to do one of the most important things one could EVER do in life: Pursue your God-given purpose ABOVE ALL ELSE.


  • $1 from every book sold is donated to the Camp Attitude Foundation for special needs kids.